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Face lift with skin tightening

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Non surgical face lift in Toronto guarantees the result after the 1st treatment:

  • Tighten loose skin on the face
  • Smooth nasolabial folds
  • Lift up eyebrows significantly (up to 0.5in)
  • Remove Marionette lines

Face lift treatment

Face skin tightening treatment combines technologies:

1) Reaction — to stimulate the process of new collagen formation and improves the microcirculation

2) Infusion — to deliver peptides and hyaluronic acid in the deep skin layer.

These substances work as collagen boosters.


Face skin tightening treatment is based on the science:

Face lift with skin tightening has the target of new collagen stimulation.

Using Radiofrequency technology we rise the temperature in the deep skin layer and stimulate the cells named fibroblasts to produce new collagen.

Skin tightening for face after the 45 y.o. includes additional technologies as IPL fotofacial, microdermabrazion, Infusion mesotherapy to work more effectively for the

  • collagen stimulation
  • hyaluronic acid layer sickness
  • elastin stimulation

Before / After

Face lift Reviews:

Alex (age 45), Manager, Face lift

"I was recommended to Marina by a friend. I felt my skin was looking very dull and my pores have always been large. My skin is aging and I saw wrinkles and lines around my eyes my lips and on my forehead. My lips were also looking thin and wrinkles appearing. I have been very uncomfortable with the idea of Botox even though many of my friends do injections. The treatment that Marina suggested, made an immediate difference as my skin looked refreshed, the completion evened out and the hyper pigmentation faded. The treatment did not hurt at all ! After 3 treatments I had so many compliments at work and people were asking what I was using on my skin The other amazing thing is my pores are so much smaller and my skin feels amazing ! There is no down time and I feel more confident even without makeup on. My face looks like I have more volume in my cheeks and my eyes seem more open and not sagging. My lips are fuller and redder and best of all, I look like myself but rested and refreshed I highly recommend Marina ! The price is very worth the result."


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