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Eye lift skin tightening

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Eyebrow lift

Non surgical Eye lift in Toronto was developed especially for: 

  • droopy eyelids
  • under eye bags
  • lose skin under
  • dark circles under eyes

What to Expect after eye lift with skin tighten

  • eyebrows lift (up to 0,5in)
  • skin tightening under eyes
  • size reduction of under eye bags
  • removal the eye wrinkles (treatment for wrinkles without botox injection)

Eye lift treatment

1) For Eye lift with skin tightening we use Reaction. A small hand piece allows to work very close near the eye.

2) Infusion to deliver substances 

  • for skin hydration (hyaluronic acid)
  • collagen booster (peptides)
  • special whitening solution for dark circles under the eyes.

Eye brow lift is the first result that the client sees immediately after the treatment.

Before / After

Man About Eye Lift And Pores:

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