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Hyperpigmentation — treatment for melasma in MedVSPA

Melasma from the point of medicine:

Melasma is hyperpigmentation of the face. It looks like brown, tan or blew-tray spots.
Melasma typically appears on the forehead, upper cheeks, upper lip, and chin.
It causes by sun exposure, named sun spots, birth control peels and hormonal changes like pregnancy.
Predisposed factor for melasma is intermittent sun exposure.

Melasma treatment

Hyperpigmentation appears deep layer of on superficial the hyperpigmentation.

For the superficial hyperpigmentation we use:

  • chemical peels — glycolic peel,
  • retinol peel — for deep pigment lesions — IPL photo facial.

Vtouch is the newest technology that 100% removes hyperpigmentation.

As homecare products hydroquinone, retinol cream, vitamin C products, and SPF as a must have.

Opinion of the expert (Marina Vashkevich, MD Dermatology (Belarus), RN USA:

«Melasma treatment demands not only comprehensive approach, but very thoughtful.
Working with hyperpigmentation with:

  • lasers,
  • IPL photo facial or
  • chemical peels we not only remove pigment spots, but we activate lots of the processes in the skin.

And one of the main importance is the process when pigment cells awake and ready to join again.
That is why clients especially with the skin type 3, 4, 5, 6 we develop a special program, when the skin is prepared from mild, to moderate, and more aggressive treatment.
Now we have Vtouch, the system that was developed especially for the hyperpigmentation treatment.»

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