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Losing weight fast

To lose weight fast, MedVSPA in Toronto offers a program of high technology massages that guarantee results after 4 treatments:

  • Losing weight fast
  • Improving circulation with the removal of toxins
  • Suppressing food and sugar consumption
  • Changing metabolic processes
”We use different Starvac programs to loose weight fast and to remove oedema. Under the machine I see how the body gets rid of liquid. The treatment is not painful; most clients sleep or talk during the treatment. 100% of clients change their food behavior. All clients lose some inches, and some lose significant weight.” — Olga, RPN

What to Expect:

  • Recommend 10 sessions per treatment, 1-2 times per week
  • Healthy lifestyle (diet and exercise) may help obtain best results
  • Maintenance sessions may be required monthly for continued
  • results
  • Weight gain or dramatic weight loss ay impact the results

Before Treatments:

  • Ensure an hour between your last meal and your treatment
  • Drink 1.5L of water
  • Stay hydrated during your course of treatments (2L water daily)
  • If you exercise regularly, STARVAC treatments should be performed before or after the activity
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