ANTI - AGING SKINCARE- Treatment and Prevention

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Anti - Aging Skincare

What ANTI - AGING mean? — It means:

  1. For women in their 30s - prevention of aging and stimulating hydration.
  2. For women in their 40s - treatment for under eye wrinkles, forehead wrinkles, skin hydration, getting rid of hyperpigmentation and broken capillaries.
  3. For women in their 50s - sagging skin treatment, wrinkles removal, eye lift, second chin removal, skin tone changing treatment.
  4. For women past their 60s (ladies and gentlemen) —  treatments for sagging skin, neck and jaw lift, eyebrow lift, wrinkles around mouth treatment.

There are so many skin conditions. Is it possible to handle with them by just getting microdermabrasion, or chemical peels, or using anti aging creams?

Certainly NOT!

The skin is an organ, like the kidneys or the heart. Heart aging has consequences and MDs prescribe various medications (not one), to improve this organ function. Yoru skin ages in the same way. That is why in Europe, Aesthetic is named AESTHETIC MEDICINE and prescription for the ANTI AGING is a COMBINATION OF DIFFERENT TECHNOLOGIES. It works, prevents and treats various skin problems.

In our practice we combine:

  • Microdermabrasion PRISTINE and chemical peels for  epidermal layer of the skin (skin texture, brightening of the skin, superficial hyperpigmentation,acne treatment, dry skin, acne scars)
  • Radiofrequency REACTION skin tightening for sagging skin, for face, neck lifting and wrinkles removal
  • Photofacial TRIOS as hyperpigmentation ( sun spots) treatment, treatment for broken capillaries, superficial veins, fine lines and wrinkle treatment
  • Needle-Free Mesotherapy INFUSION and dermarollers - to hydrate dry skin, speed up collagen production and as a lipolytic (second chin)
  • fillers  to fill the nasolabial folds, marionette wrinkles and upper lip wrinkles


  • Increased collagen production
  • Hyperpigmentation removal
  • Increased skin cell turnover
  • Regeneration and rejuvenation of the cells
  • Redness removal
  • Acne removal (if present)
  • Reduction of pore size
  • Fine lines reduced
  • Hydration of the skin

The protocols for treatment are very individual, depending on age, general health conditions, heredity and type of aging process. 


Alex (age 45), Manager, Anti aging face program

I was recommended to Marina by a friend.

I felt my skin was looking very dull and my pores have always been large.

My skin is aging and I saw wrinkles and lines around my eyes my lips and on my forehead. My lips were also looking thin and wrinkles appearing. I have been very uncomfortable with the idea of Botox even though many of my friends do injections.

The treatment that Marina suggested, made an immediate difference as my skin looked refreshed, the completion evened out and the hyper pigmentation faded.

The treatment did not hurt at all!

After 3 treatments I had so many compliments at work and people were asking what I was using on my skin

The other amazing thing is my pores are so much smaller and my skin feels amazing!

There is no down time and I feel more confident even without makeup on.

My face looks like I have more volume in my cheeks and my eyes seem more open and not sagging.

My lips are fuller and redder and best of all, I look like myself but rested and refreshed

I highly recommend Marina !

The price is very worth the result.

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