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Hyper pigmentation on darker skin

Hyper pigmentation on darker skin
31 January 2016 — 15:50

Hyper pigmentation on darker skin types can be visible due to:

  • age spots
  • darkness under eyes
  • sun spots
  • melasma

Science recommends to move in 3 directions to handle pigment spots

1. Stimulate skin exfoliation to remove pigment spots from superficial skin parts.

2. Prevent the process of joining pigment cells together, blocking the cause-TYROSINASE enzyme.

3. Prevent the pigment cells from joining each other. Its necessary to limit SUN EXPOSURE and INFLAMMATION to get the process under control.

Tools commonly used to get rid of hyper pigmentation are:

  • microdermabrasion,
  • IPL photo facial,
  • needle free mesotherapy
  • some chemical peels
  • lasers
  • Fractional RF

For darker skin type we can use these tools but with SIGNIFICANT RESTRICTIONS: we are afraid to get post inflammatory hyper pigmentation (PIH) and skin burning.

To avoid PIH the intensity of laser and Fractional RF must be diminished which would definitely decrease the effectiveness of treatment.

Using IPL has a high chance of burning the skin. Most of IPL treatments are not recommended for usage on skin types 4 and up.

As seen from above, to get rid of hyper pigmentation on darker skin tones the number of effective treatments are reduced to:

  • microdermabrazion
  • needle free mesotherapy
  • some chemical peels

Whereas microdermabrasion works very well for the removal of superficial hyper pigmentation it does not influence the activity of the enzyme, named tyrosinase. For this reason we can not consider it as a treatment for dark spots.

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Combination of microderm with mesotherapy (needle free only) gives better results.

Mesotherapeutic solutions are good for dark spot prevention because they contain tyrosinase blockers.

Most of the chemical peels on the market are superficial epidermal peels. They work the same way as microdermabrasion, stimulating the superficial cell turn over process and removing superficial discolouration.416

Treatment of choice belongs to the peel named COSMELAN.

Cosmelan contains the blend of chemical and plant based ingredients. Cosmelan peel by itself works in both directions: stimulates removal of superficial pigment and blocks the enzymetyrosinasa.


1 month after this peel you can see

— significant diminishing of dark spots ( up to 80%)

— skin lightening ( 1 tone lighter)

— pimples removal ( up to 90%)

Cosmelan is definitely the best solution for hyper pigmentation removal on darker skin types.

For more information please call 416 922 2227

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