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Double Chin from “Timeless Beauty” book
06 October 2017 — 11:41

There are some theoretical issues that explain the reason for the double chin’s appearance. We associate double chins with fat drops and shift the responsibility of this dropping to the gravity process.

Double chin removal
25 August 2017 — 12:08

Double Chin Treatment by Marina Vashkevich, MedVSPA clinic in Toronto

Cellulite: How to Treat with STARVAC
18 January 2017 — 14:02

There are strategies available for the treatment of cellulite with Starvac. Cellulite treatment consists of 4 steps to give a long lasting and grate result.

Lymphatic system
04 November 2016 — 08:55

The lymphatic system is a system of thin tubes and lymph nodes that run throughout the body.
Starvac Lymph drainage 45 min all body massage works to speed up the lymph flow and to get rid your body from bacteria, viruses, or even cancer cells.

Menopause and the Effect on Your Skin
27 July 2016 — 14:34

Menopauseskin is a new term that we see in many popular blogs and magazines nowadays. Menopause and the Skin means that hormonal fluctuations have changed and don’t always play nicely with your skin. These changes starts to be mentioned even 10 years before the real menopause.

Who is predisposed to have cellulite?
04 July 2016 — 10:51

There are some groups of conditions and factors that demonstration predisposition to cellulite: family history, body structure, hormonal dependent conditions and etc.

Rosacea, Flushing and Inflammation. What to bye over the counter
03 May 2016 — 14:46

Rosacea is a disease shown in flashes, redness and pimples which time to time can cover areas of broken capillaries. There are 2 major components of rosacea: redness and inflammation.

28 March 2016 — 16:59


Hyper pigmentation on darker skin
31 January 2016 — 15:50

How to get rid of hyper pigmentation for darker skin types. Science recommends to move in 3 directions to handle pigment spots.

19 January 2016 — 12:35

In MEDVSPA clinics we use a comprehensive approach to treat Rosacea. Patients need to understand that we've come a long way in the area of Rosacea treatment. We can help patients get their rosacea under better control.


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