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Carol J.:

Marina has an incredible ability to know exactly how to deliver what a patient wants and provide what their skin needs. Her thorough assessment of my skin issues has given me the best results I have ever experienced in my 30 years of aesthetic treatments! Not only does she have extensive expertise as a medical doctor specializing in dermatology, Marina also researches and uses the most current and effective aesthetic technology from Europe and North America. She understands the special needs of women in their 40’s and 50’s and provides solutions that really work. I am really lucky to have found someone so committed to helping women address their skin concerns. She is driven to provide each patient the best experience and the best results. She is truly a “ Skin Whisperer”. Carol Jones Homeopath Toronto, Canada

Helen :

V-TOUCH, hyperpigmentation, under eye bags
After the 2nd V-touch treatment COLOR of face skin became much lighter, sun spots almost disappear, it became easy to manage under eye bags , looks like  wrinkles around eyes (my bottox places) became less visible and I  thinking to stop to do botox injections....


RN (V-TOUCH, cane scars, wrinkles)
I came to MedVspa  two months ago to solve my post acne problems with modern advanced treatment by V-touch. Surprisingly, I have got more than that! I have got not only diminishing acne scars and pours, smoothing skin colour but also tightening my skin and minimizing wrinkles! This is amazing! Thank you, Marina, for convincing me to do that treatment.

MedVspa manager:

Welcom dear Pascale!


My ears are still peeling now but the rest of my face is fine. The outer edges of my face are dry as well as my chin, but the centre of my face is back to normal. It definitely looks brighter!! And my coworkers commented yesterday that my face looks a lot brighter and smoother too, so the peel is working!!

MedVspa manager:

Hi Carry, It is a desirable result! Thank you!


V-TOUCH for acne scars and pores
Been having acne scars during all my life and searching here and there for the right treatment without any results until I went to Med Spa and I met Dr Marina who did the right assignment and took me to the next level of skin care technology. I am very satisfied after I have been doing just 2 procedures of V-Touch with Her and I am seeing more than fantastic and amazing results already. My skin is looking: silky, smooth, clear and the acne scars are reduced and smaller, expression lines are minimized and my pores looks closed in general. skin is glowing and the most important I feel confident. Thanks Marina for your fantastic service and professionalism!!


My cellulite melted away after 6-8 treatments, skin feels very smooth. I found the treatment as the best and strongest body massage I have ever had.

Send your testimonials or questions