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Marina Vashkevich


Нello, my name is Marina Vashkevich.

I am a dermatologist in Belarus, a registered nurse (RN) in Canada and the USA, and the founder of MedVspa clinics in Europe, the United States, and Canada. 

I created these clinics because I was seeing the same approach and the same technology being used everywhere to treat skin ailments.

Over my years of experience, I discovered that there was more to rejuvenating the skin than using one technology.

So, I created a unique combination of treatment protocols never seen in the industry before with maximum results to make my patients years younger. Through my experience as a dermatologist and an international speaker at aesthetic-medicine conferences, I have developed my own view on the aging process.

My decision to be an aesthetic dermatologist was unexpected for my colleagues and family. After graduating from medical school in Belarus, I worked as a psychiatrist for 15 years, rehabilitating drug-addicted teenagers.

Every medical doctor who has had the experience of working with drug-addicted teenagers will confirm that emotionally you won’t be able to stay in this field for long. It was unbearable watching, every day, how amazing, beautiful people passed away due to an overdose; how twins, the only sons of their mother, were sent to prison for many years because they were drug dealers; and how parents wishing their drug-addicted children would die because they were not able to bear seeing how horrible their children were becoming. After 15 years, I needed a change and decided I wanted to start helping people in other ways.

My unhappy circumstances created a physical problem. I became sick and went through a series of back surgeries. Recovery was horrible with lots of pain and 100 percent dependency on the people around me. It was impossible to sit on a chair or even lift my leg up onto a step. The three months that I spent in different hospitals gave me the time to think about what I should next in life. This became a priceless treasure for me. I finally answered this question; I wanted to be an aesthetic dermatologist for my 20th year as a doctor. It was now or never! Realizing this helped me to recover.

My dermatology residency was a thousand kilometers from my home city. I was not able to sit properly, carry something that weighed more than six pounds, or walk a thousand steps, and my brain was impaired by painkillers, but I was the happiest I had been. It seems that struggle followed me twelve hours per day. I took the extended program. I learned, watched, and asked questions. I remember being hungry for knowledge about the skin, dermatology, creams, technologies, fillers, and so on. This continued for three years. I never had a free weekend or time to read for fun or watch movies. The most interesting things to read for me were scientific dermatology books and magazines. I remember my first job; I asked everyone everything, and like a sponge, I absorbed everyone’s knowledge and experience. People shared generously, and I looked at them with such hungry but sparkling eyes, asking for knowledge.

One year later, while participating in a dermatology class discussion, I started to answer the doctors’ questions instead of them answering mine. Immediately, I was recruited by Viora, a world leader and manufacturer of skin-care technology systems in the United States and Europe, and was offered a contract for the clinical trials of their new system, which at the time was called Reaction. I was happy and excited. It predetermined my next step. I opened my own practice and started to take clients, work with them directly, evaluate results, optimize protocols, and build new protocols for the treatments, combining technologies, injections, and chemical peels. I have seen wrinkles disappear, faces lifted, and skin restored to its youthful glow. It was a new found happiness to make people’s dreams a reality!

My experience and success became known by many of my colleagues around the world, and as a result, I was invited to conferences as a speaker in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and Russia. I talked about my hands-on experience in treating acne, getting rid of wrinkles and double chins, performing eye lifts, and shrinking excess skin after extreme weight loss. I combined technologies and built my own protocols.

But it was not enough. North America lured me in with its outstanding medical experience. I left my Belarus clinic in the hands of one of my top practitioners and moved my family to Canada.

I started my business eight months after coming to Canada, and a year later, I opened a location in the United States.

My clients inspired me not only to open a clinic in Bloor-Yorkville, Toronto but also to write a book. All that you find in this book is my hands-on international experience. It is my consultation approach—everything that I discuss with the client during the consultation. These are my conclusions, based on the most up-to-date knowledge in the field of international aesthetic medicine.

It is never too late to start something from the beginning, whatever your age. It is never too late to seize your passion and, for once in your life, do something that you have always dreamed about doing.

I am happy to present this book to you. I want to share my happiness with the results that I see. I want you to stop spending hours searching the Internet and reading about aging, your neck, and cellulite. I explain everything to you the way I do to my clients. What you will discover in this book will save you time and money and give you a new perspective on life. You can look years younger; there are combinations of technologies and treatments that can help, and I will show you how. I am a very happy person now, and I am happy that I found the time, stopped, looked around, and shared everything that I know with you to make you happier.

Welcome to the magic of aesthetic medicine!